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Lewis was on fire despite the cold weather

Sunday 17th November seen the final round of the IMC 3 round Snowflake series.  Despite the cold temperature, it was hotting up to be an extremely tight finish between our 2 WM Racing Bucci Moto BR10GP Riders Lewis Mullen and Peter Willis. 

In the County Antrim circuit of Nutts Corner the morning got off to a cold start.  Running the longer track this time compared to the first round, both riders took full advantage of the free practice sessions for both Junior Gearbox and MiniGP, since they were reduced to 3 laps only.


A 4 lap qualifying got underway at 11:30am.   Mullen was straight out on track at the front of the pack with Willis holding back for clear track.  On Lap 2, Willis set a great opening lap of of 1:14.015 to take the lead but began to reach the slower traffic.  Mullen running at the front with the 140cc and 65cc class starting to really set a fast pace and come the last lap put in an impressive 1:12.379 to take Pole Position.  Peter never improved on his lap and took 2nd.  

Next up after a short break was the MiniGP class, 4 lap qualifying.  Willis this time was first out on track at the front and straight away started posting consistent lap time of 1:13 and his fastest lap of 1:13.264.  Mullen had really settled into his rhythm on the Bucci Moto BR10GP bike with his lap time coming down each lap.  On the last lap Mullen posted a 1:12.625 to take 2nd on the grid behind Sherman-Boyd with Willis in 3rd.

With qualifying over, it was all to play for with 2nd and 3rd place still to be decided between the 2 WM Racing Riders in the Junior Gearbox Class.  With Mullen in Pole for the Gearbox 125cc class. Willis was 2nd but 2 rows back split by 3 140cc riders.

BMW Autoparts Junior Gearbox Race 1

Race 1 got underway just after 1pm with the track in perfect condition with plenty of grip. Mullen and Willis got off to a great start, and Willis took an early lead on lap one but Mullen was close behind.  Both riders were putting in consistent 1:12min laps, it was all coming down to the last lap.  Mullen was close behind coming out of turn 7.  As they approached the penultimate corner Mullen tried an outside line but there was nothing in it going into the last corner.  Mullen managed to get an amazing drive out of the last corner and as they pushed for the line he pipped Willis for the win by 0.037 with lap time of 1:11.991.

BMW Autoparts Junior Gearbox Race 2

Race 2 was geared up for another great battle for supremacy.  The lights went out and Mullen got another great start and took and early lead.  Willis didn’t get the start he needed, going into the 1st turn in 4th.  Mullen controlling the pace from the front Willis was slower making his way through the pact to 2nd.  Coming into the last lap Willis took the lead from Mullen on the brakes into the top right hand bend.  Mullen not giving up, pushes Willis right to the line and similar to race 1 getting great drive out of the last corner and taking the win by 0.607.  

BMW Autoparts Junior Gearbox Race 3

Race 3 got underway at just after 3.30pm with a slightly damp track as the temperature dropped and rain wasn’t far away.  Both riders got off to a good start, but Mullen, full of confidence from the early race wins was hard to beat.  In the damp conditions he was still managing to put in consistent 1.12min laps and pulled out an early 5 second lead over Willis in 2nd.  As the race progressed, Mullen was unbeatable and crossed the line in 1st by 7.8 seconds over Willis.  With the hat trick of wins in the Junior Gearbox class for Mullen it secured 2nd place in the champions with Willis securing 3rd overall.  

David Clint P&D Mini GP Race

In qualifying it was Ruben Sherman-Boyd that put in the fastest Junior lap with Lewis Mullen and Peter Willis following.  In the Junior field, Ruben Sherman-Boyd, Lewis Mullen and Peter Willis all proved themselves worthy of sharing the track with the Seniors, putting themselves well in the mix and holding their own against older and more experienced competition. Both Mullen and Willis were quick off the line onboard their Bucci BR10GP machines, Sherman-Boyd having to fight his way from the back in all 3 races. Mullen was able to hold him off in Race 2 to claim his maiden victory in the newly revised format.  Both Mullen and WM Racing Team-mate Willis demonstrated well the performance of the new machines. Given their limited track time they had no difficulty in running with the cc advantage offered by both the Conti machine of Sherman-Boyd or the Kayo MR150 of Class Champion Jack Ferris. Sherman-Boyd secured the Overall with Mullen in 2nd and Willis in 3rd, but boy they were close!

The last MiniGP race of the day brought the IMC winter series to a close for WM Racing Bucci Moto Ireland.  An amazing result for WM Racing with a 2nd and 3rd in the 125cc Junior Gearbox and MiniGP Class.  Considering both riders only getting on the bikes 2 weeks before the 1st race this was a tremendous achievement.  Taking this achievement into winter testing on the 1st December and the new arrival of the BR12GP, Mullen and Willis are looking forward to 2020.

WM Racing looking to expand their team

Do You Want to Join Our Team?

This is a call for Parents/Guardians of a young motor cycle enthusiast, between the age of SIX and EIGHT, that would like to start racing in Pit Bikes in 2020!
One of the popular 10Ten machines , ready to race , awaits someone for the forthcoming 2020 race season! This is an unique opportunity for someone who wants to race, but maybe hasn’t the funds, or maybe hasn’t transport etc.

This Sponsorship deal will include;
Transportation of Machine to and from ALL IMC Meetings in 2020.
Machine will be looked after and prepared for the competitor etc.

The Bike

The 10Ten is a 90cc semi automatic, supermoto spec machine, and is eligible for the ever popular BamBam class, organized by the IMC Pit Bike Championships.
So, Whats the Catch?? There is NO Catch;

What does the Competitor have to do?
Make their own way to the events;
Pay for Fuel and Entries;
The onus is also on the competitor to kit themselves out with the suitable gear,(leathers/helmets/boots etc).

What do you have to do?
Simply email the details of someone who you think deserves this for 2020!, ( name, age etc) to or PM via Facebook Messenger.
ALL messages will be treated with Utmost Respect.
I will not be responding to names on social media posts!!

This is yet another exciting opportunity to help and guide our Youth into their chosen sport of motor cycling.
WM Racing are an experienced team, who have had previous success in motorcycling.
Earlier this year, the IMC announced a Scholarship for 2020, where some lucky rider will have the use of an all new Tianda Race Bike for their introduction into the short circuit scene!

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Irish Minibike Championship

Bucci Dominates Mondello Park for Round 2 of IMC

The second round of the IMC snowflake series took place in Ireland at Mondello Park.  Using the back section of the International track, this venue really showed the pedigree of the Bucci BR10GP bikes as a purpose built race bike.  With fast flowing corners, wide tracks, long straights and chicanes it was a perfect combo.

It was a busy day for WM Racing as this was the first round where both riders could run in the junior gearbox 125cc class and the MiniGP Class mixed with senior and youth. With heavy rain overnight, the morning got off to a damp and foggy start for free practice and qualifying. Both riders took full advantage of the dual (125cc & MiniGP) free practice sessions in the morning to get settled in, learn the track and make any gearing adjustments before qualifying began. The track was still damp going into a 5 lap qualifying session but both riders where quickly on the pace. Peter Willis (Rider #151) in Lap 4 set his best lap and Pole Position of 1:15:931 and Lewis Mullen (Rider #111) following on the same lap with 1:17.589 putting him 3rd on the grid.

Junior Gearbox Class

Race one got underway after lunch and by now the track had dried and temperature began to rise lifting the fog.  Peter Willis got off to a great start and took an early lead in the 125cc class using the faster 140cc riders to pull him along.  Lewis Mullen didn’t get the start he needed dropping back in the field but quickly put the head down to make up time.  With some very fast laps Lewis Mullen put himself right back in contention.  The race finished after 5 laps with Peter Willis taking the win by 4.8 seconds and a lap time of 1:12.074 and Lewis Mullen coming in 3rd with a lap time of 1:13.985 

Race 2 almost became a mirror of race one with Peter Willis taking an early lead and using the 140cc riders as pace setters.  The track had fully dried by this stage so the pace increased with Peter Willis putting in consistent lap times.  The race finished with Peter Willis taking the win with a lap time of 1:11.838 and Lewis Mullen in 3rd with a lap time of 1: 13. 803 

Race 3 got underway late in the afternoon.  The light was dropping so the official’s reduced the race to a 4 lap sprint race.  Although the track was dry, the riders still opted to run the PMT R Slicks for the cooler track temperature.  As soon as the red light went out, both riders got off to a flying start with Peter Willis and Lewis Mullen on the Bucci BR10GP bikes taking to the front.  With very little splitting them on lap time it became a very close battle of the Bucci machines for the win.  Lewis Mullen was pushing hard and set a very impressive fastest lap of the race of 1:10.725.  Peter Willis rode very defensive on the last lap and coming into the last 2 corners it was anyones race, Peter Willis managed to hold Lewis Mullen off and crossed the line taking the win by only 0.320 of a second splitting them. 

This was very much a dominating class for Peter Willis this weekend on the Bucci BR10GP with a clean sweep taking pole position and 3 out of 3 wins.  Lewis Mullen had an impressive run in the last race and showed his true form. 

MiniGP Class 

This round seen the new class change take effect reducing the age limit of the MiniGP class.  This allowed both youth and senior riders to compete in the same race but split into 2 groups.  This was a great opportunity for our riders to not only get additional track time but to use the faster senior riders to push the pace.  With 3 youth riders taking part Ruben Sherman-Boyd on a 2-stroke and Peter Willis and Lewis Mullen on the Bucci BR10.  It turned out a surprise for the youth riders as all 3 set a fast pace in qualifying against the senior riders and Ruben took the pole position, Peter Willis 2nd and Lewis Mullen 3rd with very little separating them.  

Race 1.  With Peter Willis and Lewis Mullen on the Bucci BR10GP machines lined up on the front row this was set to be a fast pace race.  As the red light went out Peter Willis got off to a good start taking the lead into the first corner with the other riders lined up behind.  From the outset the pace was fast, making it very hard for overtaking but after 2 laps Ruben passed Peter Willis to take the lead.  The riders maintained a fast pace throughout the rest of the race with Ruben pulling out a good lead taking the win by 7.410 seconds with an impressive lap time of 1:10.183, Peter Willis finished 2nd with a lap time of 1:11.053 and Lewis Mullen 3rd 1:12.882 

Race 2 became another closed battle for the 3 youth riders as the track began to dry and the grip level increased.  Both WM Racing Bucci riders got off to a great start mixing it with the senior riders.  Ruben got to the front and maintained the lead for the youth class.  Although the pace was quick it wasn’t just as fast as Race 1 and Ruben crossed the line in first by 2.752 with a lap time of 1:10.199. Peter Willis finished 2nd with a lap time of 1:11.158 and Lewis Mullen 3rd 1:11.956 

Race 3 for WM Racing became the race of the day.  With this race getting underway just after 16:30, with the fading light the official’s reduced the race to a 4 lap sprint race, and that it was.  Lewis Mullen got an impressive start leaping into the lead by the first corner followed closely behind by Ruben, Peter Willis and Jack Ferris (Senior Rider). Lewis Mullen set the pace early in the race with all 4 riders quickly dropping into very impressive 1:10 second laps.  Lewis Mullen and Ruben pulled out a gap for the battle for 1st place with Peter Willis and Jack Ferris battling it out on the track for 3rd.  With these impressive lap times, the riders had to choose the moment to make their move.  As the race progressed into the last lap Lewis Mullen was holding Ruben off, defending his lines as they approached the last corner, Ruben ran deep up the inside of Lewis Mullen to cross the line by 0.057 seconds ahead.  An amazing battle for all riders and even more so the lap times with Peter Willis setting the fast lap of 1:10.475, followed by Ruben Sherman-Boyd 1:10.547 and Lewis Mullen 1:10.698 


Paige Mullen had another great day on the little BAMBAM, making great progress throughout the day reducing her lap time from 2:08 in race one to 1:53 by race three.  This is amazing progress for her.  To top it off, she was awarded the RST BAMBAM Rider of the day.

Overall round 2 at Mondello Park Ireland was a great success for WM Racing, with Peter Willis and Lewis Mullen really getting to grips now with the BR10GP bikes in only their second race meeting.  We look forward now to going into the 3rd and final round of the winter series at Nutts Corner in County Antrim on Sunday 17th November.

Thanks to our sponsors:

Photo – Two Brother Photography & David Mc Lachlan

Full race results available on IMC Website

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