WM Racing leads the way at BMB

WM racing has returned home from the Rich Energy British Mini Bike Championship (BMB) after a great weekend racing with Peter Willis and Lewis Mullen taking podium positions in the MiniGP 140cc class. 

The week got underway on Thursday with testing at the Ellough Park Race Way as both Peter Willis (aged 12) and Lewis Mullen (ages 9) took to learning the new track and getting the bike setup.  Following a successful test on Thursday the official BMB weekend got underway on Friday with free practice.  With a sunbaked track both riders times began to fall putting them into contention for a top 3 come qualifying.  Both Peter Willis and Mullen where very happy with their performance and looked forward to qualifying. 

Saturday seen the start of timed practice until lunchtime and qualifying in the afternoon.  Morning practice got underway but in practice session 1 Peter had some brake issues cutting his session short.  Still managing a fast lap before the issue, he topped the time sheet with a 53.009 and Lewis Mullen taking 3rd with a 54.464. Both riders separated by Daniel Goodman onboard his Bucci 140cc machine. 

Session 2 and 3: Both riders began to really push hard and it became clear it was going to be a fight for the top spot between both WM racing riders and Daniel Goodman from Teeside.  At the end of session 3 Peter Willis managed to put in a blistering hot lap of 51.121 holding off Daniel Goodman with a 52.905 and Lewis Mullen taking 3rd with 53.089. 

Qualifying got underway at 15:25.  Track temperature was getting high at this stage with the clear blue sky and full sun.  Managing tyre temperature was going to come into play to get the best lap, also with the grid filling up it was important to get a fast lap in early before catching the slower rider.  Qualifying was held over a 10min session allowing for approx 12 laps.  Straight out of the blocks on Lap 2 Peter Willis put in a 51.461. Lewis Mullen was also on a quick pace with a 52.980 in Lap 2.  It was heating up to be a tight session.  Daniel Goodman then put in a 51.908 in Lap 3.  As the session progressed the top 3 riders began catching the slower riders making it more difficult to get a clean lap.  Lewis Mullen managed to find a gap on Lap 6 to improve his time to 52.531.  The session ended as Peter Willis took Pole Position from Daniel Goodman 0.447 seconds and Lewis Mullen in 3rd.

Race 1 got underway on Sunday just after 12 noon, with rain over night and a damp track for morning warmup, conditions were going to be testing for all the riders. By the time race 1 had come around the track had completely dried, but rain wasn’t far away. It was going to be a gamble in setup for wet or dry tyres. Both riders opted to keep with the dry setup, knowing if it rained they would have to manage the race on dry tyres. Heading out in the warmup lap, rain did start briefly but by the time they formed the grid the rain had stopped, and it looked like the gamble might just pay off.  Peter Willis got a good start from pole position Peter pushes hard to take the lead out of turn 1.  With a clear track ahead, Peter pushed hard and had pulled a 1.144 second gap from Daniel Goodman in second.  Lewis Mullen also getting a good start slotted in behind Daniel Goodman in 3rd.  With all the riders coming across back markers on Lap 4 Peter pulled an amazing 4 second gap.  Managing to pass back markers quickly. Peter went on to take the flag on lap 12 with an astonishing 7.297 second lead and the fastest lap of the race of 51.593 seconds in lap 8. Daniel Goodman finished second with Lewis Mullen in third. 

Race 2 got under way at 15:15, and under perfectly dry and warm conditions.  Getting another great start, took the lead into turn 1 with Daniel Goodman and Lewis Mullen following very closely behind.  With a clear tack ahead all 3 riders were pushed hard. At the end of Lap 1 it was close between Peter Willis, Daniel Goodman and Lewis Mullen.  With a clear track still ahead Peter Willis put in his fastest lap of the race in lap 4 of 51.627 seconds and had pulled a 3.633 second lead. Peter Willis continued his winning streak to take the double win on lap 12 with a clear 8.114 second lead from Daniel Goodman in 2nd and Lewis Mullen in 3rd.

So a great start to the British Mini Bike Championship for WM Racing riders, with Peter Willis now leading the way in 1st with 50 points from Daniel Goodman in 2nd with 40 points and Lewis Mullen in 3rd with 32 points.  It was also a great weekend for Bucci Moto BR10 and BR12 machines with a top 3 finish in the British Mini Bike 140cc Championship, and congratulations to Ruben Sherman-Boyd leading the Irish Mini Bike Championship on his BR12 140cc machine supplied by WM Racing.

Round 2 will be held at Lydd Karting track on the 8th and 9th August.

All images by BMB Photos

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